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Cat’s of the Century Guild, Part 2

It may be 2018 on the calendar, but we’re still looking back and thinking about the 35 years we’ve been in business. Nick and I are the first to admit that we could not have accomplished so much on our own. But besides the support of friends and family we’ve been fortunate to have had … [Read more…]

Celebrating our 35th Year: Cats of the Century Guild, Part 1

While we prefer to see them as our Vice Presidents for Employee Jollification, cats have long been traditional in woodworking studios because of another talent—rodent control. Throughout our 35-year history, the Guild’s cats have performed both duties admirably, providing distraction and comfort while also keeping our materials and projects safe from the depredations of mice, … [Read more…]

A False Accuser Gets the Brush Off

As custom woodworkers, we often find ourselves having to make templates, cutters, jigs, or models that we use only once. Some special projects, however, require recycled tools. During our restoring of the reredos in Duke University Chapel we were faced with many elaborate and very dusty carvings too small to be cleaned except by the … [Read more…]