St. Peter’s Church

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  • Savannah, GA
    Communion rail, altar, pulpit, clergy seating, rood screen, cross, and candle stands in mahogany with 24-karat gold-leaf accents. Communion rail, altar, pulpit, clergy seating, rood screen, cross, credence table, and candle stands:
    architect designed;
    mahogany with 24-karat gold-leaf accents;
    the forty-feet long rood screen is so large we were unable to fully assemble it until we installed it in situ;
    all seventy-five columns in the communion rail—as well as all the others in the altar, pulpit, and credence table—were hand turned by us.
  • Savannah, GA
    Detail of rood screen, showing cross in mahogany, gold-leaf, and enamel.
    Cross detail:
    for scale, the obelisks are either side are two-and-a-half feet tall;
    the emblems of the four Evangelists [Matthew, Mark, Luke and John] and the Chi-Ro and Alpha-Omega were carved in England and gilded in our studio by a local artist.
  • Savannah, GA
    Stepped pulpit in mahogany. Pulpit:
    the Georgian-Gothic design of the pieces for the chancel is obvious in the stepped pulpit with its fluted pilasters and Gothic tracery;
    the obelisk on the newel post is a smaller version of those on the rood screen and thus visually links the two pieces.