How It Works

What exactly does The Century Guild do?
The Century Guild designs and makes extremely high quality one-of-a-kind [or very limited edition] wooden furniture in any style. Every piece is commissioned and thus made to the client’s individual specifications.

How does one go about commissioning a piece?
The Century Guild works with architects, with designers and with clients directly. While the process varies with the project, the more common procedure is to 1. identify the type of piece, its style, function, size and material; 2. establish a rough-cost estimate based on the above; 3. receive a deposit to develop the design so that 4. a final, set price can be determined; 5. approve developed design and cost; and 6. receive construction deposit and begin construction.

What materials does The Century Guild use?
Mainly solid hardwoods and veneers—any available wood, though we often suggest certain woods as more suitable for certain applications. Stone, metal, leather, fabric and/or glass can be incorporated as well.

What will it cost?
Usually, cost is determined more by the labor involved than by wood choice. Labor costs are determined by size and design. As a rule, the simpler the design, the fewer man-hours of labor and the lower the cost. Remember: any one-of-a-kind piece is always more expensive than any similar mass-produced piece.

How long will it take?
Time till delivery depends upon the size of the project and The Century Guild’s schedule when the order is placed. Typically, single pieces take from 8 to 12 weeks. Larger projects can take 26 weeks or more. Contact us for specific information.

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