Reception Desks

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  • William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust; Chapel Hill, NC
    Reception desk in cherry and marble. Architect-designed;
    solid cherry with a gently curved front and an all-white Carrara marble columnar accent panel;
    built in 1986 and still in use, with only a few internal modifications by us to accommodate current technologies.
  • Duke University Chapel, Duke University; Durham, NC
    Reception desk in red oak and limestone. A reception desk is an unusual feature in a church, but Duke Chapel is the second most popular tourist attraction in North Carolina and, hence, needs a receptionist to welcome visitors and answer questions;
    red oak and limestone;
    designed by us;
    the paneled front matches the columns shown at the right;
    the curve on the front allows maximum use of the available space while
    echoing the shape of the limestone columns visible in the rear.
  • Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton; Raleigh, NC
    Reception desk in figured cherry. Designed by us;
    cherry solids and veneers with a marble top and an ebonized cherry base;
    the articulated shape gives the desk a presence it might otherwise lack and emphasizes the attention to detail visible in the reeded uprights and bookmatched veneered panels;
    built in 1996 for one office and subsequently dissembled and moved by us to two other locations.